Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:January 13, 1994


Dear Robin,

I got your second letter and I'm a little late answering - sorry.

My folders did arrive. Thanks for making sure they got shipped.

I did see Cindy at the F.H. last night. She was headed somewhere and didn't have time to stop or chat.

i'm not really hanging out at Flag. I routed in last night - actually half of us did. The base honored us with an incredible steak dinner at the Hibiscus - all of us attended, it was incredible! I've been working late (8 or so) most every night so I ha
ven't been able to do much of anything else.

As for my Bridge progress, I got my TE and guess what my first action is? L-11!! I was shocked because I've never even hinted that I'd be interested in the Ls. My main interest has been to just move

FSO 2811

up the Bridge, you know? So the D of P TR3'd what was it that I really wanted to handle and L-11 was the prescription. He answered all my Qs and after the enlightenment I was more excited than I've ever been that I can recall about any Bridge cycle. I
mean I was thrilled - did you get that? Robin? Hey, are you paying attention? This was like a first Christmas kind of feeling! I can't believe I'm fucking going to do an L! I'll probably be starting on it when you get this letter.

My new place is incredible - of everyone's apartments - mine is the finest. Plus I'm putting all new living and dining room furniture so that makes it extra nice.

The office is perfect - except I have to empty my own trash! It's great, really.

The weather is different from Texas for sure. It rains a lot and is humid.

FSO 2812

The temp has been fairly mild so far.

I'm hoping to try out for that fish cleaning I/C post you were telling me about. Jeff has collected my initial fees already and as long as don't blab to anyone, I may get the cut-rate membership and start up package at a steal.

Well, it's 10:00 pm and I have to be sessionable tomorrow so I better skeedaddle for now.

Tell everyone hello for me!



P.S. Would you tell Roy thanks for the data on my donos please? Thanks.

FSO 2813