Letter from Force to Lisa and Lisa's reply


Force Chamberlain

Date:February 25, 1994



10500 Steppington Drive Suite #100 Dallas, Texas 75230-4550 (214) 691-4821

25 Feb 94

Dear Lisa,

Hello. Did you get the fax on what you have on account?

Did you get the Origin of Aberration lectures?

What service cycle are you on now?

Say "hi" to all.



[Lisa's reply begins here:]

Dear Force,

Thanks for your letter and staying in touch! I have received the fax, thanks. I did get the tapes, thanks again!

I'm on Solo I and winning

FSO 2762

like a mother! Force, not many know but I never read DN all the way through before. I am finally getting the scoop on what it is I'm striving for by becoming Clear. Pretty scarey huh? I'm on course M-F 7:30 - 10:00 and just loving it to life - instead of "death", I'm changing that idiom because I think it's a more theta intention, don't you? Anyway, since I'm actually understanding what DN is I'm finding my willingness to dissem has gone WAY UP! Went dancing last night and told 2 guys I danced with they HAD to get the book and read it! Bet they do too.

That's about all for me - I'll tell everyone hello here for you - you tell everyone hello for me.

Love you,


FSO 2763