Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:January 4, 1994



My deareest Robin,

I received your lovely letter today, thank you for taking the time to impart your deepeest thoughts to me. There simply are no words to express my everlasting uh ... well, you know, it's that thing you say right after you've cleaned out someone's compl
ete grocery supply - oh yeah APPRECIATION - that's it! You probably already had it figgered out, didn't ya?

Well I'm here. Most of the [boxes] have been emptied or [unpacked] and it's beginning to feeel [more] like home. I think I [have the] best apartment of anyone - [it's] definitely nicer than ones I've lived in before. I just need to get some living and
dining room furniture.

It's different here for sure. I have to adjust to these Yankee

FSO 2749

[customs] of driving like maniacs. And everything else is slow, I mean they'd be going backwards if they went any slower! I'm sure I'll adjust.

I loved driving here. Poor David wasn't prepared for my ability to drive. We got here in a day and a half. I'd do it again tomorrow - if I could too.

Brenda and I checked out the local country bar. It was a genuine bust and we went to a movie instead. I'll keep my Dallas dance halls, thank you. Not much else to report here. [I just] wanted to let you know [I'm] well and I'm REALLY [glad] you wrote!<

[Keep] in touch.



FSO 2750