Letter to Robin


Lisa McPherson

Date:May 8, 1994


Dear Robin,

Got your letter and your comments as the devil's advocate. That is very good of you as a friend to bring up the possibility of my living arrangement. It has been restimulating I must admit. So I met s/o else! Kurt Paine is a guy I met on L-11 and we ar
e just getting to know each other. I'd like to visit with you by phone about it soon. Hell, by the time we talk I'm liable to have found someone else - you know me! Since I've been talking to Kurt I'm not restimulated by my roommate anymore.

I actually started listening to my tapes! I'm on the first one and I like it!

You asked about any substitute for C&W dancing - I have set different priorities and it just isn't that much of an issue.

Hey, when we talk again

FSO 2717

ask me to tell you about all the wins I've had over buying a VERY expensive computer.

I have not done any boating yet.

Take care! I love ya!


FSO 2718