Letter from Robin to Lisa and Lisa's reply


Robin, Lisa McPherson

Date:November 15, 1994



10500 Steppington Drive Suite #100 Dallas, Texas 75230-4550 (214) 691-4821

10 Nov 94

Dear Lisa,

How's your Solo course? Are you through it yet? When will you start auditing?



[Lisa's reply was written directly on Robin's letter, around the bottom, right, and left edges.]


Dear Robin,

I was more that delighted to be in receipt of your most recent letter. My, but you certainly were chatty!

I'm not on my solo course anymore. Decided I don't really need to do it after all.

I saw this additional space here and decided to just keep writing. Who are your PCs now? When is your birthday? How is your family? Tell Robert Gorransson & Larry Geis to write me. They also need to get their asses to Flag.

[Part of this line is cut off.] family reunions to pick up dates?

FSO 2688

Heck - I've been in Scn for 10+ years and I certainly know what's going on without having to do a course. I've got me a couple of meters and an electrical outlet - I'm nearly there!

Oh Robin - I have been doing my expanded Grades and I am completely and totally blown out over it! When I reached the EP of Grade I I was so thrilled I could not believe it. I used to go up to the Grade Chart in the HGC and read the EP of Grade I & thi
nk "Yeah - right! It must be that way for some people but that just isn't real to me". Of course I had been steadily dramatizing this unflat grade for 7 or so years (I have friends who will attest) so I have no idea what it's all about. BUT I GOT IT MAN!!
In my last comm to you I may have mentioned that my boyfriend & I broke up and what a sorry son of a bitch he was. Well, we are back together and I could write an entire book on it but not now. Write me a letter and tell me what is GOING ON!!

Love you!