Letter to Robin


Lisa Skonetski


to occur is to just change the damn name to Texas! It's a simple cycle
but you watch Robin, it's already been almost 2 years and I'm gonna have
to probably get on my horse and ride down to the capital, wherever the
hell that is and have a talk with these boys.

Anyway, back to the OW write up I was telling you about... I have
changed more people per square city block simply by doing this action! I
cannot understand why more Scientologists don't do it. Hell, almost
everybody that I couldn't stand and hated their guts and their mother's
guts too has practically turned into an angel. It's the wildest thing
how you can start off with somebody you truly can't stand (mostly
because their sight is so ugly it hurts to look at them) and they are
one of the most worthless and good for nothing individuals you ever saw
and when I write up my OWs they immediately if not sooner get their shit
together and start lookin' nicer too! I think [illegible].

Love, Lisa

FSO 00362