Dianetics ad


[This is similar or identical to 6003.tif.]

[advertisement for Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health: it
shows the book, with questions and callouts to the book.  ... The
television commercials that used a similar campaign, with questions and
page numbers, have been mocked on Mystery Science Theatre and other
television shows.]

[The questions with callouts are:]

Does Time "Heal" Emotional Wounds - or Just Bury Them?  Page 319

Is child abuse hereditary? Page 181

Can bizarre aches and pains be caused by the mind? Page 127

Can sex during pregnancy harm your baby? Page 213

Can anger be constructive? Page 151

Is it possible to spoil a child with love? Page 143

What are the five ways a human being can respond to a problem? Page 199

[The ad claims that over 7 1/2 million copies of the book have been
sold. There's an order form in the lower right corner with the address
of the Dallas org on Manderville. The cost of ordering the book is $5,
which covers shipping and handling.]

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