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Lisa had been sleeping better for the last 3 nights so had
not been given any chloral hydrate in the last 3 days. SHe[1] was
being given magnesium injections however.

Janis Johnson - MLO

LIsa[1] arrived at the FH on 18 Nov, after being gotten out of
Morton Plant. Suzanne Schuremberger stayed with her the first
weekend. Lisa was agitated and got violent with Suzanne over the
weekend. Janis also knows that Lisa got violent with other
people who were staying with her (including Janis). People were
staying with Lisa to make sure she did not hurt herself and that
she ate and slept. Lisa thought Janis was a psych and would get
very enturbulated and violent when Janis came to check on her, so
Janis would just check with the people staying with Lisa how she
was doing. Janis got Lisa herbs and chloral hydrate to help her
sleep, which she was starting to do the last 3 days, until she
got sick.

Tonight, Janis was given a message when she got into the
office at 7:OOPM that Laura needed her. She went to the cabana
and saw that Lisa was septic and had bruises on her body which
looked like they were from and[1] infection and were not healing
properly. Laura said she had looked like that when she first saw
her today at 5PM. She ran and talked to Alain at that time and
discussed with him what they could do. They both called Dr.
Hinkoff and told him that Lisa was septic and that she needed
antibiotics. He said that be would have to see Lisa before
giving her antibiotics and that they should bring bar to see him
at New Port Richey hospital, but that he would only be there
until 10. Janis went and got directions to the New Port Richey
hospital from Emma and arranged for Paul Greenwood to come along
to help. She went back to the cabana and helped Laura get Lisa
ready to go. Lisa had had diarhea[1], so Janis helped Lisa change
her. Janis noticed that Lisa had lost a lot of weight. Janis
told Lisa they were taking bar to Dr. Minkoff. Lisa acted like
she hurt everywhere, but was not hostile and acknowledged Janis
in a friendly way.

Paul and Laura lifted Lisa into Janis" van and sat in the
back with her. Janis drove. It took 45 minutes to get to the
hospital. At one point janis[1] heard Lisa's breathing get fast
and harsh for 10 - 15 seconds and then go back down.

When they got to the hospital Janis opened the door to the
van and saw Lisa. She thought that she still had some
circulation from the way her skin looked. She got an orderly and
nurse to come and get her. They put her in a wheelchair. Janis
could see that Lisa's blood pressure was very low. Her skin
still had color and she thought she saw Lisa breathing. Later,
she was standing outside the emergency room where Dr. Hinkoff was
working on Lisa and saw the EKG screens which showed no signs of

FSO 00743

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