Debrief Statement



Heather Hoff -

Starter[1] staying with Lisa 1 week ago wednesday. She started
at 40OPM and was on flat out 'till 1:30pm on thursday. While
Heather was with her Lisa was not vilent[1], she tried to trip
heather a couple of times but no other real aggression. She ate
some food and took some vitamins at the time. She was very
active at the time and vat moving around the room a lot.

Heather was then off and the next day While the the[1] Dir RAP
and Dir I & R were with her Lisa became very violent. Heather
was called back over as Lisa had not been violent when she was
there. Once Heather arrived the Dentist was there and got 0 - 12
asprin[1] down her throat. Also possibly got her to take benadril (a
sleeping pill)

Heather was then off until 3 days ago when she was put back
on. Once she returned to the room she found that Lisa was pale,
weak and slept more. Per heather Lisa has not been active in the
last 3 days.

During the last 2 days Heather attempted to give her food.
sometimes she would cat and sometimes she would just spit it out.
Per Heather she also had a lot of bruises on her legs, feet,
arms, etc from kicking things hitting the walls etc.

Today, most of the day Lisa was in bed to saying anything or
not moving, she was breathing. She was given a bath.

heather left to go to dinner when Laura arrived. Laura said
Lisa looked sick and should go to the doctors.

Rita Edwards (Boykin)

Rita was first on the watch Sunday/Monday 26 and 27th of
November. At that time Lisa was extremely agitated and active.
She was combative with the other girls staying with her and would
ramble on about things, occasionally threatanlng[1] to attack them.

Rita was then off for a few days, and then came back onto it
last Thursday, 30 Nov. At that time sho'noticed that Lisa was
not walking around much and sat on the bed quite a bit. She
reported that she was weak and not eating much at all. Couple of
days ago she seemed to be doing better. Hqwever the last 24 hours
a has noticeably dropped wieght[1].

Last 24 hours Lisa had a swollen jaw on the left side of the
face and when attempting to feed her complained about paid[1] in the
throat. Rita did administer magnesium shots to Lisa including

FSO 00740

[1] - spelling and typo errors in the original
TIF 5070 OCR and bracketed comments by Michael Reuss